About me

My name is Amy,  I'm 19, pretty young and I have way too many interests and too little time.

Way back, almost a world away in 2013, I developed a want to enter the world of blogging and crazy internet things, like YouTube. I look up to so many YouTubers that do vlogs or beauty videos or comedic actions and I began to feel as if they were becoming my best friends. 

I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to be able to make videos or write blog posts. The wonder of being able to reach so many people and connect was like magic to me.

But I got stuck. It was my first year of college, there was no way I felt like I had any time. I created a blog on WordPress. But that's all I did. It sat around collecting dust. I couldn't think of what to write about and I felt like I was staging it all, trying too much in the "Beauty & Fashion" department. I wrote draft after draft, but nothing seemed good and I felt as if I couldn't reach out to anyone for help.

Now, a year(ish) later, I start and end my days with watching my best friends on YouTube (hey, I have real friends too, but it's too unrealistic to be with them all the time until college starts up again). And it hit me. 

I was trying too hard, over thinking way too much and that anxiety was my barrier. I should just start simple. Write about what I like and what I would want to share with my friends. And that could be anything, music, video games, manga, anime, drawing, art, beauty, life-style, exercise, flowers, animals…you get the picture!

So, hello again! I'm Amy, let's be friends~

PS: here's a doodle I included in a draft that never got published

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