Monday, September 1, 2014

cute shopping bits

School has started, and with school, the crazy last-minute shopping experience will happen.

Besides shopping for school supplies, so comes the buying of household appliances (if you happen to live in the dorms or an apartment) that you didn't realize you now need.

And of course, if you're anything like me and my friends, you will get distracted by a bunch of cute like the things I'm about to show you <3

Barnes & Nobles has a ridiculous amount of distracting books, journals, home decor and beyond! I really liked looking at the covers that inspire what should be inside a journal, or the pretty designs of birds and whatnot~

There are so many cute inspirational pieces and lots of cute things I wish I could own! Tell me I'm not the only one!

And I'd just thought I would throw in this book cover that was super enticing to me (since I'm a giant fangirl) and excuse the silliness of An PX (PS, she's also creepily hiding in one of the above pictures, see if you can find it :D)

Target! Has plenty of home-essential goods~

like distractible home decorum!

My apartment-bums have all been looking for ways to spice up our room, and especially our bare walls. These quote-tacular pieces were nice, but we ended up not getting any P: I think we've concluded we'll make our own wall art! But it's still entertaining to look at these pretty things… >_>

And of course, the hilarious little things XD Oh, how I wish I got that Lunch Money wallet!

And these last funny bitties are from Michael's ^^ We all stocked up on our sketchbooks here~

Aaaaaand, that concludes this little photo update of my life! (still sorting out times and such for blogging >_< so much homework @_@)

Thanks for reading!~

Do you get distracted by bits & bobs too? What was the last thing you wanted to buy most, but couldn't buy?

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