Monday, August 25, 2014

school crazy

So busy with school!!! The first week is over already, though it felt slow during it~

I don't know how frequently I'll be able to update my blog (hopefully once-twice a week) since I'm taking 17 hours. SEVENTEEN HOURS. Oh gawd.

This semester I am taking:
  • Calculus I for Science and Engineering (MATH 2250)
  • Software Development (CSCI 1302)
  • Elementary Chinese Level 2 part 1 (CHNS 2001)
  • Rich Media Productions (NMIX 4310)
  • New Media Capstone (NMIX 4510)
Thankfully, I like all my professors. And there's free tutoring in one of our campus buildings! 

Alongside classes, I'm still coming up with more content for the blog! (I just need to make a better schedule for me to write TX) And, I'm drawing more and more. I want to develop another world, a story. I want to design things. I want to do commissions for others. I want to gain followers on social media.

I've already given up a few hobbies that I used to love: piano, video games, and reading. Although it makes me a little sad, I can still do them from time to time.

This semester is really all focused on school. I am studying all the time, in-between classes, after classes, while I eat. And when I'm not studying, I'm working on art. It's really hard to find balance and continue to try and have a healthy lifestyle (i.e. cooking, cleaning, working out), but at least I am living with people that can keep me happy and stress-free! I really love my friends <3

But anyway, just gonna keep this  post short~ Enjoy this montage of pics from the first two weeks!

Thanks for reading~

What year are you? Are you enjoying the school year so far?

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