Sunday, August 17, 2014

new home

Finally, all of our stuff is settled! This year, I decided to live with Jordan, Fabie, and An in an apartment ^^ All of our rooms definitely speak our personality~

An's room is a sea of hot pink :p Our bathroom is really cute though! Complete with soft, fluffy rugs~

Fabie's room is a sea of purple, and Jordan's room is an actual sea. Of blue. Plus, their bathroom has cute accessories >,<

Fabie's new poster

Jordan's coffee bean, vanilla candle

Currently, Fabie's room is still the most decorated :P An is still looking for a piece to go on her wall while Jordan and I are still researching/making decor for our rooms

The kitchen is smaller than our liking, but it works well enough. I do enjoy sitting at the counter P: All the little doodles are from last year, we taped them on our old dorm door PX

And our dining table is actually really nice :D We got our apartment fully furnished, upgraded with leather seating. Jordan got us a really cute set of dishes from Goodwill and Fabie brought the fancy crystal glasses~

The living room is super comfortable, definitely our main chill spot~

Now, I can say "Welcome to our humble abode!"

Thanks for reading~

What's your favorite color? How would you decorate your dorm/apartment room? (or maybe just your room at home?)

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