Wednesday, August 6, 2014

july favorites: i really love cereal

Ahh, I thought I would give monthly favorites a shot! More content, more sharing, all the love all the love <3

Let me start off with food items~

Cereal. I became obsessed with Grape Nuts (funny name, yes yes) Cranberry and Vanilla cereal. It was the best blend of crunch and craisins XD

For some reason, Wal-mart stopped having it in stock…It made me sad to move on, but I eventually did…. to Great Grains cranberry almond crunch!

But again, Wal-mart didn't have this in stock and I was forced to leave another behind /:
Thankfully, Great Grains has some brothers and sisters and I went for Vanilla Graham. Just a simple blend that I can add my own craisins to :P

(PS I went to Publix yesterday and found my Grape Nuts cereal! <3<3<3)

Food: Alo Exposed, Real Aloe Vera Original with honey
This juice is fantastic, it keeps my sweet tooth at bay. Very refreshing in the hot days of summer~ (I'm currently out ,__, that's an empty bottle)

Food: cherries
I think my favorite fruit changes every summer, and this year its so happens to be…cherries! It's a perfect snack for when you're editing blogposts. Makes me feel like a vampire sometimes when I accidentally get cherry juice on my laptop...

I went back to an old favorite from high school. This toner really gets down to the nitty gritty that's stuck in your pores, and it's for sensitive skin. I'm always amazed by the dirt I see on the cotton ball after I've wiped my face! (and slightly disgusted)

I've been using this in my hair after every shower and it not only helps moisturize my hair and tame frizz, it helps my hair dry faster. Just one pump! 

Nail Polish: Julep Natalia
This is a lovely rose gold polish, I like to wear it on my toes~

I ran out of new videos to watch from my favorite YouTubers, so I went on the hunt…and I decided that I liked Hannah Hart from a collab with Connor Franta and went on a rampage of watching her videos XD She's really funny and cheesy and pun-y and just makes me laugh! 

I heard this in one of my favorite you tubers videos and I really like her voice, it's very unique and the song is sweet.

I'm so happy I cried literal tears when I woke up at 2 in the morning to listen to it right when he released it on Tumblr. 

This is a Mongolian song I heard when I was watching the Chinese "So You Think You Can Dance?" show and fell in love with it. It's so entrancing and touching.

And that concludes my monthly favorites! 

Thanks for reading~

What are some of your monthly favorites? Share with me your favorite foods and songs!

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