Monday, August 4, 2014

haul: tax free weekend

Georgia's tax-free weekend rolled around, and, of course we all felt the urge to rush to Wal-mart and fill our carts with back-to-school items. But I not only stocked up on school essentials, I also got some body care essentials and some new fashion favorites.

Our first stop, obviously, was Wal-mart. School supplies, check, body care, check.

Finally restocked my holy grail moisturizer. I had to live without my favorite moisturizer for a week and it felt awful! I was using Clean & Clear morning burst gel moisturizer, and the smell is like artificial candy. You would think it's nice, but putting it all over your face was slightly nauseating.

I've been really loving this line.You only need a little bit of product to go all over the hair (except for the roots, of course) and it leaves my hair feeling very soft. I blast through conditioners so quickly, though, so I needed to get another!

I love St. Ives products, so I picked up this body wash (never tried before). I normally get the Oatmeal & Shea, but I wanted something more summer-y, since I love my Tree Hut Lime & Coconut body scrub (I've been obsessed with coconut). It's a normal wash, and the smell of coconut is very faint, but definitely there.

And, I snuck in some Revlon :P I always love Revlon lip products, I have a bunch of them even though I don't wear lip products too often (since I know I'll eat it off my lips PX). I picked up this one in Miami Fever. It's a bright, slightly orangey red (and that's why I love it! the orange~) and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's very moisturizing, and the smell is light and refreshing. It feels very cool when applying. But, like every other lip product I've tried, gets eaten off within an hour or so XD

The next day of this fantastically magical weekend, I went shopping with my girly-friends (I'll probably do another separate post on this day~). The first complex we stopped by we went to TJ Maxx and Marshall's where we waited in two long queues for only me to check out one, single item X3 I got some workout shorts and a white dress~

Sports bras are actually from Wal-mart PX hurray! Cheap workout gear!

Then we stopped by the Cumberland Mall. I got a dress from Charming Charlies, it's dark blue with pink flowers. Very cute, I love this dress the most!!~ (I think it's now a goal for me to wear more dresses since I own so many .__.)

In Macy's, An and I picked up some bed sheets for our apartment. The bed size is Full, so we needed new sheets. I got a bright lilac, it's so pretty~

And I got MINT colored converse. I always get a new pair every year, and I was just wondering what color to go for this year and then I saw these. Insta-buy.

Finally, we stopped by Rack Room and I got a pair of sandals. This summer, I wore my favorite pair of sandals to death (and I'll wear them into it's afterlife ;P) and I needed a new pair. Bad. They're pretty nice, but nothing will ever live up to my favorite sandals!

Definitely going to wear them to death.
And that concludes everything I've bought this fine, tax-free weekend! I'm a lucky lucky girl (since it's also my birthday weekend!)

Thanks for reading!

Share with me some of your favorite stuff you've purchased recently! It can be anything from cereal (my love <3) to a new pair of shoes!

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