Thursday, August 7, 2014

girly-friend shop time

Charming Charlies is charming indeed… o__o

Tax-free weekend rolled by and I went shopping for new clothes, shoes, and apartment essentials with two of my best girly-friends!

I already mentioned all the stuff I got, but I wanted to share all the fun pictures as well since we went over to Fabie's for a BBQ after shopping ^^

Our first stop was TJ Maxx and Marshall's, and here we are goofing around in the dressing room like we always do~

It's hard for Fabie to find clothes that fit right since she has a teeny waist, but a larger backside (hourglass figure). I really liked the striped dress, but my chest isn't large enough or low enough for that cut. And wow. Fabie accidentally shoved both her legs through one leg of a surprise romper (the black thing in the right picture). I also look much older in the romper. (Clubbing outfit? Just kidding XD) 

Here are some in-between shenanigans as we drove to the Cumberland Mall, our next stop~

Fabie's look says "WhaAt are you DooInG."
Charming Charlies has one of the nicest layouts a store can have. It's so pretty and filled with bright colors, outfits matched together with jewelry, and like-color stuff grouped together. There's a beautiful seat near checkout and the dressing room is massive and beautiful too! Complete with a chandelier!

Everything is really classy, pretty and modern. There are so many accessories, too! The phone cases have little compartments filled with little beads that have room to move around. Too bad I have an android XP The prices are pretty good for the right fit and right material; the dress I bought was $35, and tax free! 

Next up, Macy's. Somehow, a lot of the clothes were really expensive! More expensive than Charming Charlie's, anyway, and for lesser quality material as well.

An and I needed to find bed sheets for our apartment, a size full. Of course, An wanted pink (retch). It's hard to tell in written format, but I am not a fan of hot pink. My favorite color is purple <3

Fabie continued to look for dresses while An and I went to look at sneakers. Macy's doesn't have the largest selection of them, but An had a 15% discount for Macy's so of course we would at least look.

An was actually a big fan of the black nikes with hot pink on the bottom, but then the grey sketchers caught her eye because they were so sparkly. The mint converse immediately caught my eye. Thank god I saw them, they were the last one in my size. I love them so much they are my phone's background XD But anyhow, An didn't find any she liked (that fit) so we moved on. 

Our last stop was Rack Room, and it was waaaaay too crowded to take pictures. Fabie and I both found sandals we liked. Here's were black with black roses on them, and a picture of mine are in my tax-free haul blogpost.

We returned back to Fabie's house and helped get ready for a BBQ. Fabie's family loves to do BBQs in the summer. This was the third time I'd been back to her house for a BBQ. Everytime, it's a different set of guests. The BBQ was for her grandmother's birthday, so sweet <3 this was also the largest BBQ they had so far. We had to bring out so many chairs and somehow arrange them into her backyard.

They're backyard is absolutely beautiful. There are flowers of all kinds, bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, fountains, pebble-filled walkways, gazebos, it's just extremely magical.

The other big task we got to help in was making a sherbet drink with lime sherbet and 7 up. We mastered the art of squeezing out the sherbet from the tub whole and managed not to freeze our finger tips off. It was a bubbly masterpiece!

The rest of the time, we played Super Smash Brothers and Just Dance!

It was a super fun time and I got to take a doggy bag of food home <3 I can't wait to move into the apartment with these bums!~

Thanks for reading~

Do you like shopping and BBQ as much as I do? Share with me what you like to shop for most or what your favorite food is!

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