Monday, August 11, 2014

food: cafes & quirks downtown

One of my Dad's grad students recently graduated, so we went to her favorite cafe for a celebratory lunch <3
Big city bread cafe~

We somehow managed to pull together four cafe tables and enjoyed a nice lunch.

Mom ordered the fried egg sandwich (I had the second half as my midnight as snack and it was delicious) and I ordered the hummus small plate.

The popular dish that others ordered was the NY burger and the rabbit gumbo (both sound delicious as I'm just chilling around right now).

The cafe had a nice urban and modern design, perfect booths for studying/chilling with little lights on the walls (sadly, too distracted by the cute baby of a family friend <3 to take pictures of the decor. I'm sure I'll be revisiting again, a goal of my friend and mine to explore all cafes in downtown).

The outside of the cafe is very green with potted plants and trees. There were Christmas lights hanging between the cafe and trees and fun chalk drawings all over the grounds.

Next up, the Grit, one of my favorite places to eat downtown. Again, a very urban and modern design founded in an old-fashioned, bottle works building. Ate there for a late brunch in celebration of a family friend's birthday.

The desserts here are some of the best in downtown, but sadly, we didn't purchase any cake this time! (compared to the time we ordered four different slices of cake at the last resort >.> in my other blogpost)

One of my favorite dishes here is the tofu and veggie, which my bro ordered. Our friends ordered the pancake special and omlette special, while I (copying Mom from last time) got the deluxe fried egg sandwich. Jordan got a fancy cereal~

This was the only pic of food I got, lucky Jordan XD the mini tea pot is adorable!

Aaand because my bro didn't get to satisfy his sweet tooth at brunch, we stopped by Hendershot's cafe to pick up a coffee and chocolate covered pretzel, AKA chubs~ and I picked up the Jasmine Green Tea

Another design based in a bottle works building with really quirky and unique lighting and painting

And that's it! The next time I do a food post, I promise to get all the yummy food pics~

Thanks for reading~

Where is you're favorite place to eat? Your favorite hot drink (coffee or tea person)?

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