Wednesday, July 2, 2014

nails: fourth of july

I'll be celebrating the fourth twice this year, once with my family and once with my friends <3
Going to dinner with family and having a BBQ with friends~

These are the nails I decided to do. It's really simple, but the sparkles are almost too much for me. I'm not one for super fancy designs; sophisticated, classy and clean is what I like.

I found Julep last year when I was putting together my prom look. It's a monthly box subscription where you get a box based on the type of nail polish person you are, which is determined by a quiz. You can always switch boxes if you decide you like another set better. There are also great add-on deals which you can get with your box. But not only do they do nail polish, they come out with other beauty products, like makeup and skincare. (By the way, this is not sponsored, just for your info ^^)

Based on the quiz, I am Boho Glam (pretty accurate). In the June box, I received the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. This makes such a difference when I apply nail polish. Normally my nails will chip within a day or two because I use my hands a lot, but this base coat smooths out the nail top and allows the nail polish a clean base to stick onto.

I used Cameron on each nail, except for the ring finger, which I used Hope on. 

Cameron is a beautiful multi-sized glitter nail polish and has a stardust finish. (I actually used to hate sparkles, but this nail polish looks so much like a starry night). The swatch is from the Julep website.

Hope is a very matte white, having a satin finish. And, thankfully, this white polish does NOT look like glue (however, the oxygen base coat looks like you have a nice coat of Elmer's glue all on your nails). The swatch is from the Julep website.

I would have done a little firework design, but I ran out of toothpicks (psh, who needs real nail designing tools?). Actually, I tried using the felt tip of an old eye-liner and that did not work…I normally use bobby pins and toothpicks for designs :3

And I would have used a clear topcoat, but the stardust and satin finished would have been ruined.

But there we have it. Nothing too flashy, anyone can recreate this (even a 3 year-old).

And if you came here for some patriotic Red, White, and Blue designs, here's a real fourth of July nail design my friend An did on her toes <3 

Thanks for reading!~

PS: What are your Fourth of July plans?

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