Tuesday, July 8, 2014

my fourth of july celebrations

I am so lucky I got to celebrate the Fourth twice! If you read my other fourth of july blog, I mentioned my plans to go to the beach with my parents and have a bbq with my friends. Sadly, I saw no fireworks this year :<

My mother really wanted to go take a walk on a beach in the evening (so romantic <3) so my dad asked  me and my bro if we wanted to go. Unfortunately, my bro had plans to go to Florida with his friends /: so, the next day, my parents and I packed up and left for Savannah, Georgia.

One of the closest beaches is on Tybee Island, it's about four hours away from us. We've been there before, but it's been a few years. This is the first time I've helped drive on a road trip! I drove about halfway (not to mention it's the first time we've taken our BMW on a road trip, it used to always be the van XD).

Finally, we arrived at Best Western. And it gave us the tiniest shampoo and conditioner all-in-one. For three people. Oh well. We then slathered on our sunscreen, filled our tummies with Waffle House, and made it to the beach. Our parking spot was at an old meter that was broken, and it definitely had a No Parking sign on it, but Dad insisted it was okay. He got worried after about fifteen minutes on the beach and went to check on it (we were fine, by the way).  Then he proceeded to play in the waves. Mom walked down the beach with a very patriotic towel draped on her and I just chilled, sketching most of the time.


We ate dinner at a little seafood place that had a live guitarist and drummer (that guitarist kept butchering good songs T:). They had about ten TVs, all but one showing baseball, and one screen was a giant projector. I ordered coconut shrimp (been craving so looong), so yummy~ My parents' dinners weren't as good as mine :D just simple baked fish. Apparently it wasn't very good, but that's the downside of trying new things, eh?


We went back to the same beach, where I three-wheeled with my parents =__= They were also using this mini vacation as their 27th anniversary, July 5th. They're really cute, but why did they bring me .__. I hope I can come back to the beach with my friends~

Hoping to see fireworks, we walked down the beach; people had mostly left, but there was some people with light sabers being used as soccer goal posts. Here are a couple of cool pics I took~

We spent the next day at the beach as well. Our breakfast was served at the Best Western we were staying at (I'm not impressed, Best Western!) and needless to say I left the hotel starving. We made our way to the same beach and set up our towels under the pier. Dad say's the water temperature was perfect and played in the water for over an hour.

Happy 27th Anniversary <3

Dad is riding the waves!

I went into the water, and that's when I suspect I got sunburn on my cheeks (Ahhh it's so itchy now!) and then I just relaxed, listening to my music (currently obsessed with Sam Tsui) and nomming on vanilla ice cream <3

ooo pretty

I did not build a sand castle this time!

The next day, I drove an hour to Fabie's house~ I got to wake her up and she wasn't grouchy at me! Her phone alarm and phone calls did NOT wake her up. I had packed an arsenal of art supplies and other offerings for our friend Jordan. She broke her wrist while on a summer leadership program and had to come home early ;< I drew her a card and brought her some cucumbers & tomatoes from our garden, Fabie added some Haitian patties (flaky pastries filled with meat, veggies, fish, or desserts), and the plan was for An to paint her nails so I brought all my nail polishes. I even had to bring some stuff that was accidentally left at my house previously, and I still forgot Jay's slippers and some wii motes.

Well, the first thing Fabie and I did was paint. She's amazing at painting and she was teaching me how. She first tried showing me how to do a starry night, but I epically failed at it…it looked like rain, according to An. The next thing we tried was some grass and a river. It turned into this really cool piece with the four seasons represented inside of it. I did the top half and Fabie did the bottom half. An helped with the tree on the left~

An signing the card for Jordie~

Fabie's mother served us over-sized slices of watermelon x3 we had to use the help of plastic spoons to devour those.

Surprisingly, An really likes to play Super Smash Bros Brawl. She's normally pretty bad at games (tehe, especially Just Dance), but she was pretty good as Bowser. She could defeat level 1 coms! We played on teams of two, using 3 stock.

so intense….

In the process of setting up for the bbq, we made Jay gather the dirty napkins from scrubbing the tables (he shuddered), a little table's legs collapsed while Fabie was attempting to stand it up, An shocked a leaf with the millions of electric bug killing swat thingies


Now, here's a list of aaalllll the food I ate when I was at the bbq…

  • cheese and crackers
  • 2 hot dogs
  • 1 rib
  • 1 sausage
  • homemade mac & cheese
  • rice
  • cake
  • ice creams x 2
My stomach could be either bottomless or a black hole.


With Homemade ice cream <3

We had to send Jordie home (which, by the way, she only ate some mac & cheese! sdfjsdfdkf I wish I could do that) but I managed to get some sneaky pictures of her smiling :3 We can't wait to visit you, Jordie! <3

Fabie then showed us Haven, a mystery drama series. The story focuses on the main characters helping the town residents of Haven that have supernatural afflictions. Much better than Supernatural, which we were watching before it. The plots in Haven are much more emotionally connected and the mystery is nicely woven because it's focused in that one town. I'm fairly bad with creepy things, but I absolutely love Haven.

Around 8, I decided an impromptu sleepover was required. An couldn't sleepover, she had work in the morning, so she and Jay left around 9.

Fabie and I proceeded to watch Haven until 4am whilst painting nails and eating ice cream <3 Since I don't deal well with creepies, I had a little trouble sleeping. Fell asleep instantly, but woke up in a sweat multiple times and I didn't budge an inch from under the blankets, even though I was burning up, until the sun came up. We both woke up at 9:30, decided it was too early to get up, and slept another 3 hours.

For our late late breakfast, we made chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. We finished up watching the first season of Haven. Every time an episode started, I would ask Fabie how scary/creepy the episode was so I could prepare myself. The first few aren't scary at all, but they proceed to get a little creepier. But it's just so good! I normally don't watch anything on my own. I much prefer to watch a series with someone, it's much nicer. And less scary.

Our dinner was hamburgers and tortilla chips with spinach & artichoke dip. Fabie wanted to try making hamburgers with bacon and shredded cheese in it and it was really good. It was subtle, but definitely there. We watched the 2009 Star Trek movie whilst munching on these yummy creations.

And, after the movie finished, I began my 90 minute drive home. I was really tempted to stay another night, but I had plenty of unfinished work to do when I got home…

But there we go! Those were my Fourth of July celebrations~ I had a lovely vacation, spending time with my family and friends, I am very thankful.

As always, thanks for reading!~

PS: How did you celebrate? (Did you skip exercising for four days like I did?)

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