Friday, July 18, 2014

collective haul: charlotte russe, belks, & blogilates

I was trying to find some basic pieces when I went to shop (white top, black top, black shorts). I didn't find any (or at least any that fit me well), but I did manage to get some leggings! And some other cute stuff that I got online~

  • Top from Belks, Jolt; the polka dots make it cute and fun :3 it's also really light and thin, very comfy
  • Two pairs of black leggings from Charlotte Russe (basic basic~)
  • Two sets of earrings from Charlotte Russe; it's normally really difficult for me to find a set of earrings in which I like all of the pairs, but I managed to find two sets in which I like all the pairs!

From Ogorgeous, Blogilate's brand:
  • Little Miss Perfect Headband
  • TRAIN INSANE Power Ring
  • "Train Insane or Remain the Same" Yoga mat (my first yoga mat!)
  • "Train Insane or Remain the Same" Racer back tank with braided back strap
  • "BEAST MODE" Yoga leggings
This is some of the first stuff I've bought to help me out with working out, and I'm really excited. I love doing pilates, and Cassey (pilates instructor and fitness YouTuber Blogilates) is so amazing, she makes me love working out hard and being healthy. I'm enjoying some detox water with peaches right now using her detox water bottle~

Thanks for reading~

PS: What do you wear for workouts? Do you like wearing branded sports gear?

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