Monday, July 28, 2014

just a summer weekend

The end of our summer is coming fast! Class starts on the 18th of August @_@ this weekend, Fabie's family was having another BBQ (they love them <3) and Fabie invited us over.

I live about an hour and a half away so I always make sure to go early (even if I'm put to work cleaning) to make the most of my time with my friends~

Fabie was still in her pjs when I arrived :P at 12:30pm lol. And of course, I was warned I would be cleaning, so right I away I cleaned the outside table & gazebo and put on seat cushions. Her house has a beautiful garden (that may or may not have given me allergic reactions, lol), so many beautiful flowers that attract butterflies and bird feeders everywhere! Even hummingbird nectar feeders!

After an hour, An and Jay arrived and we started chilling with pizza bagels that Fabie made for us. Since I watched the 2009 Star Trek last time I went, we watched Into Darkness this time. It was really good, although I still think that Kirk looks like a monkey (no offense! cute monkey!). It's always fun to watch anything with these guys, we laugh about the most random things in movies. Fabie and my favorite chill thing to do together is just bum around and watch shows or movies <3 An and Jay get restless eventually, though XD

We put on The Avengers in the background as we played twister (I had gone to Wal-mart that morning with the single intention of buying Twister, my brother had taken the one we had to his home /:) and almost sat on each others' heads X3 the new twister has the option of putting your hand or foot in the air and it actually is kind of horrible! We somehow managed to land all four limbs to be put in the air. Hmmmm if we could levitate…

Our friend Nico came at that point and brought along her younger brother and sister! We hadn't seen her since the beginning of summer break <3 Since Jay, An, and I had already seen The Avengers, we went and played guitar and sang loudly and obnoxiously until the food was ready XD

I wasn't too hungry, but when I helped An put ketchup on her hot dog, the ketchup was "too messy" for her to eat so I ended up eating it =_= An is slightly perfectionist when it comes to some things, let me show you guys how she eats her corn. 

so perfect :0
delicious cake <3

After feasting, we resumed chill time. This included showing Nico our collections of horrible pictures we had gathered of An, Jay, Fabie, Jordan, and me. We basically always screenshot each others' snap chats XD one day, I swear we'll print them all out in a large collage.

We played super smash bros brawl, using team battles and items. Fabie was the best person to team with because she plays Pitt and spams all the time while I play Sheik so we can just shoot arrows and needles to annoy everyone. An plays Bowser and she's getting better and better every time we play, though it's hilarious when she can't get back on the stage X3 Jay plays Ike, so he's a tad slow, and Nico's brother plays Link. Of course, we had to do random to make things fun sometimes <3

After we tired of brawl, we played Just Dance. Oooooooh goodness, Jay and An dancing is probably the most funny thing ever. Don't get me wrong, I love them both to death, but their dancing skills are extremely entertaining. 

don't worry, I have their permission to post pics <3

Oh, and at some point Jay decided to make a mii and this is how it turned out…

And of course, ice cream was our game-time break snack. Fabie's house has a full arsenal of ice cream. They always stock up when Publix has a sale o__o

They have 3x more the amount here...

The best one is Dream Upon a Cookie, it's like eating soft sugar cookies, I think I might dream of it~

After break, we went back to Just Dance and that's all we did that night. Jay, An, and I stayed the night (of course, I'm maxing the time I can spend with them).

The next day, I began my day with a leftover hamburger :D (Sorry this blogpost is a little jumpy, I didn't document my pictures very well DX) The best part of the morning was waking everyone up. Helping An put nail polish on a bug bite (she insists this is an old remedy, and it really does work to soothe it), throwing pillows at Jay, and sneaking into Fabie's room.

And then we went ice skating! Finally, we got to ice skate together (we'd been planning on it since the Spring). However, Jordan was still missing since she couldn't make it to Fabie's house /:

The ice rink was pretty empty, most of the people were taking lessons. I forgot a jacket so I was cold @_@ But it was fun nevertheless. Since it was pretty empty, I could practice skating backwards :D 

After we got tired and hungry (well, I was still full from my hamburger), we went to Chili's. An and Jay got steak. They also ordered some cheesy fries appetizer, which we almost filled our bellies off of XD Fabie and I split some fajitas. They brought all the little toppings in little containers and all the fillings separate, it was so cute~

An's strawberry lemonade and my watermelon lemonade, really tasty and not overly sweet or sour!

On the table, there was this little touch screen thing. While we were waiting for our food, pictures of desserts and drinks scrolled by on the screen. You can order re-fills and desserts while just sitting there! And then a silly trivia thing scrolled by so I tried to answer it and accidentally purchased all access to the apps and games on the device -__- But we did use it to order a dessert, the molten chocolate cake <3 every time the ad for the chocolate cake scrolled by, Fabie would poke me and point at the screen going "look look!" She wanted to come to Chili's just for the cake. And even when we were full, we all  kept wanting to eat the cake~

really drooling now…
And then we used the device to check out! You can swipe your card on the side and a receipt will print out on the bottom. So cool!

Since we were all pregnant with food babies, we wanted to walk around the shopping district. We perused sandals in Rack Room and picked up some fashionable items in TJ Max to try on, but of course we ended up looking super silly XP

Then it was time to go back home~ Still have three weeks of summer left! We're planning one more putting next week before we all move into the apartments after two weeks~

Thanks for reading~

How'd you spend your weekend?

Monday, July 21, 2014

old art from high school

I took art for four years in high school. I had always aspired to be an artist and I wanted to get into AP Studio Art (and I could have), but I was too scared. I'm currently in college now, and I thought I wouldn't want to pursue art in my career…but that's slowly changing.

I once had a dream to become a manga artist, and I thought that was slightly unrealistic for me. But that doesn't mean I can't draw anything at all in relation to my career! There's plenty of digital art and design  tools that I can dig my hands into now~

But anyhow, this blogpost is to show the art I did in my years of high school. I originally saw Jim Chapman's blog post about this and decided to give it a go!

I found pieces mostly from junior year, Art III, where we choose a concentration and draw several pieces around it. The theme I chose (oddly) was Little Red Riding Hood. I'd been brainstorming a theme for a few days and settled on this because of a poem I heard in SAT prep. What I remember of the poem now is that Little Red whipped a pistol out and shot the Wolf, and I thought that was awesome. A twist upon a classic, that's why I decided to use that as my concentration I guess!

(I just looked up the poem on google, and it is titled Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf  by Roald Dahl.)

Without further ado, here are my (semi-horrible) pieces~

Little Red wearing the skin of the Wolf
Tools: Watercolor pencils & charcoal

After she killed the Wolf
Tools: Charcoal & acrylic paint

Alice in Wonderland inspired, with giant roses
Tools: Copic markers

Maybe Little Red IS the Wolf…?
I think this one is my favorite piece, I'm thinking of redoing this one…
Tools: Pencil and charcoal

The last thing Little Red sees. (I actually wanted to use watercolors for this but that didn't work so well…)
This one's pretty neat!
Tools: Pencil

Little Red  is the alias of a Death Reaper
Nope, this is lame.
Tools: Watercolor paint

The Wolf is the underling of Little Red, ordered to take the grandmother's life
Also kind of lame…lol
Tools: Lining pens

Okay, looking back I look like a slightly morbid kid O.o but it's really cool to see improvement! Part of our Art III grade was hosting an art show of our pieces and one visitor has a daughter that collects Little Red Riding Hood art pieces! How cool is that??

Here are some other scraps I drew during junior year (I actually have tons of sketchbooks from every year I began drawing, but let's just stick with the nice pieces).

Drawing of a model from a clothing website
Tools: Pencil

We like to take scraps of nice boards that were in the cutting room and use them to make something creative
Tools: Acrylic paint & pencil

Wow, I think this is super cute!
Tools: Pencil & copic markers

Junior year was definitely the year where I began to draw more realistically and with mediums other than pencil & paper. I'm thinking of redoing some of these pieces, actually…

For senior year from Art IV, I found this picture of my pieces on display. I can't really find any of the pieces anymore, I wonder what happened O.o this is only half of them, I think.

From left to right, top to bottom is 1) my OC dancing with fans, 2) dragon in the rain, 3) rose dripping ink, 4) baby octopus with the sea inside of it, 5) a naked woman's back in the shower, 6) a siren that broke out of prison, 7) a girl curled up in the fetal position on her bed, 8) a very tall, thin & disproportionate (on purpose) man

The theme I chose that year was posture. Like I said, I started to draw more realistically and thought it would be cool if I chose something that sounded thoughtful, like "you can see the emotions of a person by the way they stand." Besides our concentration, we also draw random pieces around another theme completely different from our concentration. So I chose mythical creatures, like dragons or sirens.

I remember that our art teacher was forced to use these horrible critiques and that they were struggling to keep Art classes in school…the critique gave high points for having detail. But what about abstract art styles? Or simple pieces? They can still be good without having too much detail. Oh well, the past is in the past and I still did well~

I wonder where the rest of art pieces are? I hope I can find them!

Besides the art that I did for class, I do have tons more and I uploaded some on deviantArt while I was in school. Most of them I moved into the Scraps section, but I've recently become tons more active on dA and lots of my current pieces are on there.

I've moved into using copic markers and Photoshop CS6 for my pieces. I use color filters on my sketches to make them a little more appealing~ 

I also post my art on my tumblr, instagram, and twitter. All my links are on my Connect page and it would mean the world to me if you checked them out <3

Anyway, thanks for reading!~

PS: Share your old art below! See how much you've improved and doodle a doodle today <3

Friday, July 18, 2014

collective haul: charlotte russe, belks, & blogilates

I was trying to find some basic pieces when I went to shop (white top, black top, black shorts). I didn't find any (or at least any that fit me well), but I did manage to get some leggings! And some other cute stuff that I got online~

  • Top from Belks, Jolt; the polka dots make it cute and fun :3 it's also really light and thin, very comfy
  • Two pairs of black leggings from Charlotte Russe (basic basic~)
  • Two sets of earrings from Charlotte Russe; it's normally really difficult for me to find a set of earrings in which I like all of the pairs, but I managed to find two sets in which I like all the pairs!

From Ogorgeous, Blogilate's brand:
  • Little Miss Perfect Headband
  • TRAIN INSANE Power Ring
  • "Train Insane or Remain the Same" Yoga mat (my first yoga mat!)
  • "Train Insane or Remain the Same" Racer back tank with braided back strap
  • "BEAST MODE" Yoga leggings
This is some of the first stuff I've bought to help me out with working out, and I'm really excited. I love doing pilates, and Cassey (pilates instructor and fitness YouTuber Blogilates) is so amazing, she makes me love working out hard and being healthy. I'm enjoying some detox water with peaches right now using her detox water bottle~

Thanks for reading~

PS: What do you wear for workouts? Do you like wearing branded sports gear?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ootd/fotd: double date

This is the outfit I planned for ice skating with friends (I was even prepared with leggings and a jacket!) but the public session wasn't being held T: There were hockey games going on throughout the week and they hadn't updated the website (shame!). But anyway, here's the look I put together~

the purse was a Christmas gift from my bro a few years ago 

  • Top is from Marshall's, Kim & Cami

  • Shorts are from Wal-mart, Lei (Ashley low-rise); this brand is honestly the only brand that fits me right

  • Shoes from Rainbow, Rouge 

  • Ear cuff from Charlotte Russe (I lost the cushiony bit so my ear got sore P:)

  • Necklace from my mom <3

  • For makeup, I did a look based on BubzBeauty's To Go Summer Look~
    • em Michelle Phan Love me for me Foundation & powder, in Vanilla
    • Revlon Brow Fantasy, in light brown
    • Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Metal Cream, in Barely Branded
    • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil, in Corrupt
    • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow, in Bulletproof Beige
    • Maybelline Perfect Pastels, Lasting Lilac
    • Lancom Blush Subtil, in Shimmer Mandarin Sky
    And I curled my hair with the NuMe 1" barrel from the Titan 3 set, and pinned back the side with a clip.

    We ended up going bowling instead, wandered around a mall, and ate lots of food and bubble tea~

    peach slush & green apple slush

    Thanks for reading~

    PS: Did you go out with your friends recently? Where did you go?