Tuesday, June 24, 2014

summer sleepover

The long awaited weekend flew by fast!

My closest, bestest friends live two hours away from me so we can only see each other every few weeks T: We'd been planning (dates kept changing, plans were confused, carpooling needed to be arranged, the matter of inviting whom, blah blah blah) for a sleepover at my house since my home is fairly large and my parents like having guests here. Honestly, I think my friends mainly came to see my dog, Oliver :P

But joking aside, my home is on a lake, there's a pool in my neighborhood, multitudes of geese that just chill in the lake or in peoples' backyards all day long, and endless entertainment!

We walked to the pool first (yes, in sweltering heat) with cookies, chips, and watermelon slices in tow. 

Thankfully, there weren't too many people there, but we noticed that there was a limit of only three guests and I definitely had five…good thing they could pass off as my family members. 

I somehow failed to get pictures of everyone at the pool, but here's a funny sunscreen fail from Jay!

Actually, Luna and Phiet can't swim so we chilled in the 3-feet area most of the time. BUT, we definitely jumped off the diving board. Phiet, who couldn't swim, could do FRONT FLIPS. And we had to save him from drowning in the 9-feet side XD and he eventually even did a BACK flip. 

I tried my hand at doing front flips and when my feet lifted off the board and the world spun, I thought the whiteness I saw was going to be my face smashing into the board, but I successfully went into the water!! I felt very brave and eventually decided to try again, but only to have my back burn from basically doing a back flop =__=;; I definitely did it a third time, but I can barely remember it so it must have gone all right (my flawed logic!).

Everyone got tired out (our snacks must have been decreasing!) and we walked home~

We have three showers in the upstairs of our house, but my brothers also needed showers (they also went to the pool) so we basically all showered one at a time. 

While I was waiting for my turn, I played Phiet in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. We'd been excited for a one-on-one match to see who was better (I had apparently boasted about it before XD). My best character is Sheikh and he chose Fox for our first (practice) round and I won :3 But he switched to Diddy Kong, who I've never played against and lost ~__~ I'm not a sore loser, but my brother's comments in the background…well, anyway my brother asked to play my friend too and (of course) annihilated him. As expected of my brother! 

Then Luna and Jay (our selected chefs for tonight) began preparing dinner. Jay frantically searched for the help of An and Fabie XD

The dinner menu: 
  • Luna made shrimp appetizer (only managed to get one pic of the food T_T I was having too much fun to remember my camera!)
  • Luna also made another type of shrimp as well as crawfish. So spicy!! <3 It made An almost cry.
  • Jay made spaghetti and meatballs. We had to switch to a bigger pot for for the noodles and they put in the noodles before the water was boiling so the noodles were softer on one half than the other…several people aided in the cooking of the meatballs and the sauce came from a jar. Yum, Prego meat sauce.
  • Jay made his special fried rice with broccoli, potatoes, eggs, and sausage. An and I totally thought the broccoli and potato wouldn't be cooked thoroughly and that he put in the eggs too early, but he did really well. The sausage was prepared for Fabie (who preceded to laze on the couch after doing her bit. "I was told I was being cooked for!" was what she said X3) and the eggs were *beaten* by Phiet (he also proceeded to just laze around in the kitchen XD).
  • Dessert was a tub of all natural Neapolitan ice cream for Earth Fare! The chocolate bit was the best and the strawberry part was pretty decent~

Our after-dinner entertainment was, of course, the FIFA world cup! USA v Portgual and it ended 2 pt v. 2…. We decided to distract ourselves with walking Oliver! And feeding geese! It must have been bizarre for the neighbors to see a group of 6 nicely dressed young adults walking one tiny dog XD

And the night did not stop there! No! It's far too early! An and I decided to show everyone AuditionSEA, a dancing mmorpg (I know right, they really exist O_O) and An is a BOSS at it. She easily defeated Luna and Jay at it too. But the clock struck 9 o'clock and I had to send Phiet home (he's the only one that lives close to me and also the only one not sleeping over).

On my return, Fabie and I certainly played Just Dance, Michael Jackson edition. I'm so bad at dancing @_@ Fabie was getting four stars all over the place :0 but I do really want to learn how to dance! (I'll probably write a post on that later)

When I arrived back, the gang shifted upstairs and into comfy pjs :3 we all lounged around, eating midnight snacks and playing Truth or Dare and "Never Have I Ever". The dares weren't very harsh, just wall sits, push ups, giving massages, making out with pillows P: the "Never Have I Ever"s were also very innocent (actually, it was very competitive since we all basically knew everything about each other already, we were just trying to eliminate each other), stuff like "Never have I ever been to such-and-such high school" or "Never have I ever been in orchestra." Fabie was half-asleep the entire time, of course~

Other night-owl activities included carrying An like a princess and piggyback rides!

We tired out at around 3am and decided to sleep, but planned to get up at 9:30 to be healthy (or at least try to) and workout! 

I like to say that I sleep like a rock (and I did), BUT I wake up when it gets too hot, and I woke up at 4:30 to turn on the air. Then continued to sleep like a rock.

Two alarms broke the morning silence and we actually did get up at 9:30 and I went to wake Jay up (he slept in another room while all the girls slept in my room) with a sharp jab to the rib using my fingernail :3

I had not worked out properly for the past three days (I follow blogilates on YouTube, I love Cassey <3 the soreness is so good~), so I was determined to follow my workout calendar (you can find it on her blog~). It was a Monday, Butts & Guts! Definitely killed Jay :P and as An and I say, "so not manly. Amy is manlier than you."An actually did "do" some of the workout, surprisingly, and Luna just watched. Fabie slept. 

The soreness is lovely! But so is food. We were all starving by then, so we went to eat at Cali and Titos. It's a really popular Cuban restaurant here. Fabie and I ordered our Lomos sal Tados. Sadly, I forgot to say no cilantro…I have a deep hatred for it. It just tastes gross in my mouth…I'm sorry if I offend any cilantro-lovers out there :< it's just not for me. I am getting more used to it though. It used to be that if there was even a SMIDGE of cilantro in something, I couldn't eat it. I finished most of my dish this time, though :3

And, as if we weren't full enough, we went to Menchie's!! I swear I'm addicted. They have something called strawberry poppers, which look kinda like fish eggs, and you pop 'em in your mouth and the flavor bursts out! My bowl was basically half poppers X3 (of course I took a picture and put it as my Story in Snapchat, but fail to save the image on my phone. I'll get better, I promise! <3). I always get poppers, strawberry, kiwi, and mochi in my froyo. I got strawberry lemonade, watermelon sorbet swirl. Thinking about it makes me drool…

And that concludes our get-together! Fabie had to get back in time for work. Because of all the rescheduling, she couldn't schedule out her work times correctly /: Oh well, hopefully we'll be seeing each other again soon! (Fingers crossed for Fourth of July weekend)

I'll end with one more picture <3 

Thanks for reading!~

PS: Do you have any weekend-fun plans coming up? 

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