Saturday, June 28, 2014

small haul: kohl's

Finally, got one of those 30% off things for our Kohl's card in the mail! (that's basically the only time my mom let's me go to Kohl's)

Really, though, our town needs a Forever 21 or an H&M, more young adult clothing stores, I'm still buying from the junior section in department stores…

Some cute minnie mouse pants to lounge around the house in :3 and my first pair of yoga pants :0 can you believe it…

Just a simple shirt, going to pair it with some black skinny jeans when I go ice skating tomorrow.

These types of shorts are getting more popular. I bought a pair last year, but they are really worn out, so  here's a new pair! (I likah da print)

Oooh, fancy-schmancy dress. It's all business like, and as my mom says, "like a robot."

And I absolutely LOVE this dress. It has buttons all down the front and a little lace-up deal in the back.

That concludes my little shop haul! I haven't gone clothes shopping for a while, and I plan on doing a smidge more (need a few basic pieces and new sandals)

Thanks for reading!~

PS: Have you bought anything interesting recently?

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